Our story

Diamond Expert, Maria Nielsen and Goldsmith, Thomas Nielsen have worked together for 20 years at their cozy jewelry shop in Dragør. From their experience of what customers want and through a profound life changing experience they have created, MARIA, a new jewelry brand that transforms each piece from being ornamental to empowering. The slogan, "Imagine what a diamond does," speaks to both the gift buyer and the recipient. The diamonds are exquisitely chosen for their clarity, color and cut. Every woman's strength should be celebrated with diamonds.

Maria Nielsen

Diamond Expert

Maria Nielsen has been designing jewelry pieces for almost 20 years. Her mother, goldsmith Barbara Maria, ensured that Maria’s childhood was filled with creative work and humbleness towards raw materials such as gold, silver and diamonds. Maria was often helping her mother in her little workshop, which made her become a self-trained goldsmith under supervision of her mother. 1997 became the year where Maria lost her mother Barbara Maria and Maria decided to take over and continue the workshop.

Maria’s passion for diamonds led her to become a certified diamond grader. She finished the DgemD-Diploma Course in Idar Oberstein, Germany 2003.

Being the owner for 17 years of the jewelry retail shop, which still carries her mother’s name, Maria decided that 2014 should mark the beginning of a new jewelry line and design vision, which carries her own name MARIA.

Thomas Nielsen


Thomas has been working as a goldsmith for 20 year. His specialty is handcrafted jewelry. His customised pieces are developed together with each client, to create their dream piece. His expertise education is in setting in diamonds. He has been designing jewelry for twenty years. The process begins with sculpting in wax and then drawing using the latest technology in design software. Then the jewelry comes to life by making a mold and pouring the gold to form a gorgeous custom ring. The final piece is to set the diamond. Taking special care for security and brilliance, each diamond is set to withstand daily wear and provide sparkle when light dances on its surface. Thomas has a special eye for details and is inspired by the architecture and lines in each piece. His handcrafted designs can can seen in Copenhagen, the centre of Scandinavian design. Thomas loves working with gold and diamonds, but enjoys even more the joy it brings to his customers when they see the final result when it is place around their neck or slipped on the finger of someone they love. His creations celebrate love and connection to people or events. It is that emotion when added to a MARIA custom piece of jewelry that truly makes it shine.
Dragør has the lowest divorce rate in Denmark because people here know how to be nice and pamper each other