Our personal connection to diamonds is magical. Diamonds are the strongest element on earth. Their longevity mystifies us but also gives us comfort that the investment we make when we purchase a diamond will withstand time from generation to generation. The symbolic nature of diamond represents love, commitment and celebrates life.
The diamonds in MARIA pieces are each unique. They must pass our rigorous test for quality and origin. The diamonds are all certified non-conflict diamonds. Upon acquisition each diamond is examined and verified for grading certification. Our process ensures that each diamond purchased from MARIA has personally been examined by diamond expert, Maria Nielsen. It is of utmost importance to the MARIA brand that our customers can trust that we are carefully supervising the diamond quality of each piece.
When you purchase a MARIA piece you will receive a certification document ensuring the 4C’s and an evaluation that can be used for insurance purposes.  
Diamonds are grated in 4 categories, the 4 C´s
Most Diamonds in the MARIA collection are full cut round brilliant with a total of 57 facets in perfect symmetry, proportion and polish. The better quality of cut (symmetry, proportion and polish) – the more brilliant a diamond is. The diamonds set in MARIA pieces are certified Good or Very Good Cut. On a scale from poor to very good.  
Diamonds come in many colours, most often brown and yellow. The really rare diamonds are white or fantasy colours. The white diamonds in the MARIA collection are all rare white diamonds, graded in the color G or H.
All diamonds are graded for clarity. We don´t want our diamonds to have big inclusions, because it will prevent the light from reflecting and make the diamond look less shiny. Diamonds in the MARIA collection are all graded  VVS, VS or SI
VVS: Very Very small inclusions
VS: Very Small inclusions
SI: Small inclusions
With each purchase we include a certificate where the total diamond weight is guaranteed – together with cut, colour and clarity.