We created MARIA because we think that diamonds should be worn every day. We believe that diamonds represent strength and give a certain power to the person who wears them.

Our designs are classic and can be worn every day. Our jewelry is exquisitely crafted. Our belief is that jewelry brands shouldn’t be cold and snooty, they should be warm and inviting. We invite you to experience the joy of owning and wearing a piece of MARIA, not for what our brand represents but for what it represents to you.
Confident, happy, elegant…you.

We encourage women to buy diamonds for themselves. We give you the permission to be bold, allow you to celebrate you. Let MARIA jewelry be a reminder of your personal strength and accomplishments every day. Power is sexy. MARIA is not just a fashion product that needs to be changed every season. MARIA designs go with everything for every occasion.  A piece of MARIA jewelry adds sparkle to your everyday world.
Confident, happy, elegant…you.

In our Love collection, diamonds are set in a piece of jewelry which when given to you by someone you love brings a deeper meaning to MARIA jewelry because it represents a connection to that person. To wear a symbol of your love, reminding you each time you glance at your ring or run your finger across its smooth surface, sparks that warm belief that being loved makes you the luckiest person alive. It’s not only okay to celebrate your happiness, it is of the utmost importance to do things that make you feel good.
Confident, happy, elegant…you.

This is what MARIA is all about.